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What good is a team of expert instructors without a well-furnished training facility? Our class sizes are intimate and conducive for learning. Equipped with footrests, bolsters, arm guards, anti-fatigue mats and a whole lot more to allow for optimum focus as you learn.

Under-desk Mouse Tray
The under-desk mouse tray is a convenient storable mousing surface which can be attached to most desk or table surfaces and accommodates most conventional mice. The pivoting design enables users to “bring” the mouse out from the desk towards themselves, decreasing the need to maintain a forward reach to access the mouse which reduces and prevents shoulder and neck pains. This mouse tray can also be of benefit to users who have very limited space for their keyboard by providing an alternate location for the mouse.
Chair Arm Pad
The chair pads provide additional elevation, cushioning, and comfort to the arm of office chairs with open arm supports. The pads provide firm cushioning support for the forearms and elbows but easily adapt to the unique arm contours of any user. The upper layer of body-contouring memory foam serves to reduce pressure points which aids in maintaining appropriate blood flow and prevent associated aches and muscle cramps. The extra cushioning also reduces the risk of compression and pinching of the nerves running through the elbow.
Leg Supports

The leg support is a solution for those who may need to keep their leg elevated while sitting. The leg rest supports one leg at a time, either beside or under the desk with the concave pad comfortably cradles even swollen legs. It is equipped with resilient foam padding, comfortably keeping the foot, knee, and hip properly aligned while elevating the foot and leg. This is suitable for use following surgery to relieve knee and foot pain, to decrease blood pooling in the lower extremities, reduce pressure on the spine and decrease fatigue.

Ergonomic Pen/Pencil Grip
The ergonomic pen grip accommodates any pen or pencil to restore writing comfort for those suffering from conditions which makes it difficult to maintain a grip on a pen or pencil. It slides onto the index finger and, with the thumb and middle finger acting as stabilizing guides, provides full control for even fine movements.
While intended to serve the needs of those who cannot grip, it also offers all users the chance to work with a more relaxed hand, reducing the potential for the development of RSI related to the tight grip required to control most writing devices.
Sit Stand Table

Changing positions between sitting and standing helps you move your body so you both feel and work better.
You can adjust the height of the tabletop electrically from 25⅝” to 49¼” to ensure an ergonomic working position.
It’s easy to keep your desk neat and tidy with the cable management net under the tabletop.
Contoured table top; provides support to the wrists and forearms when writing.

Mogo Portable Stool

The lightweight, compact, and mobile Mogo Stool is an easily portable, lean-to stool which can provide relief from extended standing in a variety of environments both, indoors and outdoors. Some of its top features are that it promotes correct posture, reduces fatigue, and reduces the risk of lower back pain.

The riser is designed specifically for use with lightweight notebook and tablet devices. It is constructed with high-impact plastic to be ultra-portable. It offers improved viewing and greater screen elevation which can assist in reducing neck bending. Furthermore, it can help position the angle of the device to reduce screen glare (that can lead to eye strain and headaches). Rubberized grip pads on the base and the support ledge ensure that devices are held securely.
Palm Pad

The palm pad fits in front of virtually any keyboard, providing comfortable cushioned palm support while keyboarding without interfering with mouse movement. The low profile virtually eliminates any potential for wrist extension by elevating the palms to match the keyboard height.
The palm pad includes raised bumps across the surface creating a 3-D effect that increases cushioning to further improve comfort. A reusable adhesive backing permits attachment to any hard, smooth surface while still permitting easy removal and reattachment elsewhere with application of rubbing alcohol to restore adhesive effectiveness, if needed.

Technical Mesh Chair

This exceptionally comfortable classroom chair has T-arms that adjust for ergonomic positioning, built to fit all heights with pneumatic seat height adjustment, relieve lumbar pressure with the adjustable lumbar support, and the Center tilt with adjustable tilt tension and lock. The base is 5-star with carpet casters that create a solid grounding for weights up to 250 lbs based on 5-10 hours of use. Meets all ANSI/BIFMA standards.

Under-desk Storage
The under-desk storage is a desk accessory that provides storage space for basic office essentials. It can be attached directly by clamping it to the surface, making it well-suited for use with sit-stand desks that have forfeited traditional storage drawers. It always remains within reach for quick access and includes a removable square mousing surface. The clamp mount permits a full 360° rotation that permits the storage organizer to be stored by pivoting below the surface in either direction. The portable clamp-on design also makes this suitable for temporary workstations where no other storage option is available.
Voice Recognition Headset
Students have the option of choosing between a wired or wireless headset. The noise canceling features minimise distortion for clear dictation. Plug and forget and experience the liberating feeling of using Voice recognition software. The headsets have a flexible rotating boom allows you to position the microphone right where you want it—or rotate it up so it discretely hides in the headband. When wearing a headset for the first time and using Dragon or Microsoft VRT comfort is key.
Clamp on Keyboard Tray
The desk clamp keyboard tray is an ergonomic solution for situations where an occasional use keyboard tray is required. Constructed of high impact plastic, this tray provides a rigid surface for both keyboard and mouse. Sturdy steel brackets secure the tray firmly in place and glide rails in the underside of the tray permits virtually complete storage. The front has an ergonomic edge designed to reduce the risk of pressure against the underside of the wrist. By allowing the keyboard to be positioned below most surfaces, it also reduces shoulder and neck strains.
Foot Rest
The foot rest is an important ergonomic accessory to have under the desk. The frame, supports and platform are made with sturdy, high-impact plastic and there is a textured surface to prevent footwear from slipping. The foot rest is designed to reduce muscle strain and fatigue by supporting the legs and feet at an optimum height and angle, minimizing discomfort and promoting better blood circulation. It also improves posture by encouraging users to correctly utilize the back of their chair rather than “perching” on the front edge of their seat. This improved posture can reduce upper back, shoulder and neck pain.
Book Stands
Book stands helps reduce the strain that comes from improper posture while working at your desk while referring to the Instruction guides provided for the training. The stands can be used for laptops as well to provide comfortable typing angles which reduces neck and shoulder stress.
Mouse Pad
The mouse pads come in a rectangular or circular shape and it is suited to provide a precise tracking surface for optical and laser mice. The large dimensions let users set their mouse pointer speed lower and engage the larger muscles of the arm for mouse movement, rather than relying on micro-movements of the fingers and wrist (actions which greatly increase the risk of RSI and associated injuries). If one finds that the mouse pad is a bit wide, the minimal thickness lets it be positioned under one end of the keyboard with no noticeable change in keyboard elevation.
Radiant Heat Panel
The radiant heat panel offers a safe and energy efficient alternative to traditional space heaters. It relies on “Radiant” heat transmitting directly from the surface of the panel to surfaces nearby, which gradually transfers warmth to the air in the immediate vicinity. This makes the radiant heat panel an ideal solution to increase personal comfort in semi-enclosed areas below desks to cold feet and legs. The small dimensions also make it well-suited to placement on desks to provide warmth to cold hands.
Keyboard Tray
The adjustable unit moves keyboard and mouse off the desktop to save workspace. Keyboard drawer on ball-bearing tracks allows for easy pain free sliding of keyboard in and out of typing position. Sturdy, impact-resistant tray fits standard and ergonomic keyboards. Has ample space for the mouse. At New Phase Training we believe that comfort enhances the learning experience.
Mouse Ambidextrous Design
The ambidextrous mouse design enables both left and right-handed users to experience the benefits. The user simply tilts it slightly to the left or right to generate a click by using the strength of the entire hand, rather than the much more limited strength of the index or middle fingers. This device is an effective alternative for individuals with trigger finger or arthritis, or for anyone who has difficulty clicking the buttons on a conventional mouse. The scroll wheel is located on the inside of the mouse, where it can be accessed easily by the thumb.
Desk Riser
Desk risers provides a simple and safe way to increase the height of office and household furniture for increased ergonomic benefit and improved comfort by reducing neck, back, knee stress and strains.

This features a series of nested depressions in the centre that create a stable base for a wide range of round and square furniture legs and board-style desks. These desk risers are designed to interlock and can be safely stacked up to 3-high for a total of three additional inches in height and can support up to 600 lbs per supported leg.

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